Ven. Hsuan Hua宣公上人


I will be a good doctor for the sick and suffering; I will lead those who have lost their way to the right road.  I will be a bright light for those in the dark night, and cause the poor and destitute to uncover hidden treasures.  --Avatamsaka [Flower Adornment] Sutra, Chapter 40: Chapter on Entering the Inconceivable State of Liberation of Universal Worthy's Conduct and Vows

於諸病苦 為作良醫 於失道者 示其正路 於闇夜中 為作光明 於貧窮者 令得伏藏 --大方廣佛華嚴經 入不思議解脫境界普賢行願品

At all times, Buddhas' light universally shines;
Day in and day out "as you wish" and auspicious;
Each month both blessings and wisdom increase;
Every year long life and good fortune never ending.
-Venerable Master Hsuan Hua 


- Biography--the early years:  White Mountain, Black Water Nurture Rare Talent   白山黑水育奇英

- Audio [MP3]: Ven. Master Hsuan Hua on Chan meditation (English translation)

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Ven. Hsu Yun虛雲老和尚
Ven. Hsuan Hua宣公上人


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Our Founder, Our Teacher: 

Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

(1918 ~ 06-07-1995)  

As the lotus touches not the water,

As sun and moon stop not in space,

He ends all suffering of the evil paths

And to everyone equally brings joy.

猶如蓮華不著水  亦如日月不住空 

悉除一切惡道苦  等與一切群生樂


I will be a good doctor for the sick and suffering;

I will lead those who have lost their way to the right road.

I will be a bright light for those in the dark night,

And cause the poor and destitute to uncover hidden treasures.

於諸病苦 為作良醫  於失道者 示其正路

於闇夜中 為作光明  於貧窮者 令得伏藏


Turning suffering into bliss,

Sprinkling cool dew to quench afflictions;

Bequeathing grace upon heaven and earth,

Like the sun, transforming all in this land and yonder.

轉苦緣而成樂具 灑熱惱而作清涼

留恩澤於天上人間  宣化日於他方此界


With humaneness and integrity, represent Nature

In proclaiming truth & transforming kindred beings;

With filial respect and a sense of responsibility

For the welfare of every nation,

Instruct all people of the world.

慈祥代天宣化  忠孝為國教民


His kindness and compassion cross over all;

Believers are liberated & perfect the Right Enlightenment;

Transforming beings wherever he goes as his spirit remains intact;

Those who venerate him obtain blessings & awaken to the Unproduced.

慈悲普度 信者得救成正覺

過化存神 禮之獲福悟無生





The Venerable Master's Diary of Cultivation, written at age 16


Translation of diary contents:

I resolve to emulate the sages and worthies.
I resolve to accomplish great deeds.
The father is weak, so the son must be strong
To make a living to support our lives.


虛雲老和尚舉行禪七圓滿紀念 (局部)










In Hong Kong. Photo commemorating the Chinese Buddhist Vinaya Academy's overseas program when the Sangha members were about to go on alms rounds (Third right: Master)





Hong Kong, 1956



Kingsgrove Australia, 1961 年於澳洲

Sydney, Australia 澳洲 雪梨市


Buddhist Lecture Hall, San Francisco, 1960s

六零年代  舊金山佛教講堂

Buddhist Lecture Hall, San Francisco, 1968

1968年 舊金山佛教講堂

Transmitting the Three Refuges, 1968

1968年 傳授三皈

Dharma Assembly at the roof of the Buddhist Lecture Hall, San Francisco


Roof of Buddhist Lecture Hall in 1970

1970年  舊金山佛教講堂屋頂



With Paul Cardinal Yubin at Gold Mountain Monastery, 1977



Gold Wheel Sagely Monastery Buddha Hall, 11-1977


Fall, 1977


Nipomo, Central California, 1978


Gold Wheel Sagely Monastery, 04-1978





Signing refuge certificates for new disciples



April 19, 1987 一九八七年四月十九日


Pictured at the back door of CTTB's K Building where the Master used to live.

Courtesy of Kenneth Lo who says: “Master Hsuan Hua looks very good in the photo which is taken on April 19, 1987 in CTTB after I took refuge.”



背景為上人昔日居住萬佛聖城K Building的後門


Water, Land, Air Ceremony at CTTB, 1987




Malasia, 1988

1988年 馬來西亞弘法


January 1989


September 1 ~ 18, 1990, Taiwan



September 1 ~ 18, 1990, Taiwan



September 1 ~ 18, 1990, Taiwan



September 1 ~ 18, 1990, Taiwan


Europe, 1990

1990年 歐洲弘法


DRBU, 1992


Ajahn Sumedho



Taiwan, 1993

1993年 臺灣弘法



 CDR, 04-1994


Honoring Elders Day, CDR, 04-1994


CTTB, 5-18-1994



Diligence has merit.

Play's without benefit--

Guard against that. 

Aptly give encouragement. 

                     Husan Hua



 - His Life, His Legacy

 - Events in the Life of the Venerable Master Hua

 - 40 Years of Dharma Transmission in the West

 - As foretold by Ven. Master Hua: The Future of Man


 - Sutras with Commentaries by Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, Dharma Talks & Mantras

 - Venerable Master Hsuan Hua on MEDITATION

 - Dharma Talks, Q&A's, Audios & Videos





Life of the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

on YouTube

上人事 - YouTube

Thumbnail"I was born in a poor rural village... 我出生在一個窮鄉僻壤的地方。。。"

上人事蹟(10) Life of the Venerable Master

上人事蹟(11) Life of the Venerable Master

上人事蹟(12) Life of the Venerable Master

上人事蹟(13) Life of the Venerable Master

上人事蹟(14) Life of the Venerable Master

上人事蹟(15) Life of the Venerable Master

上人事蹟(16) Life of the Venerable Master

上人事蹟(17) Life of the Venerable Master

上人事蹟(18) Life of the Venerable Master

"But when the boat reached the middle of Black Sea, it began to go in circles and could not get out of there...可是船到了那黑海洋的中間哪,就是在那兒打轉轉,怎麽樣也開不出去這黑海洋。。。“

上人事蹟(20) Life of the Venerable Master

上人事蹟(21) Life of the Venerable Master

上人事蹟(22) Life of the Venerable Master











More Videos


The Chan Tradition of Meditation  (0:26:52) 

Venerable Master Hsuan Hua's Talk with English Translation, in Arcata, California, 1989

courtesy: (DRBA Chinese)


* The video begins with the English translation of the first part of the Master's talk which was an overview.  He then gave specific directions in Chinese on meditation techniques, which were then translated into English.


Background Information

256K (44.1 MB)

56K (6.78 MB)

Functions of the Five Eyes  (0:44:15)

courtesy: (DRBA Chinese)


At the 1989 Ullambana celebration at City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, Venerable Master Hsuan Hua began his talk with the Venerable Mahamauglyayana's attainment of the Five Eyes and Six Spiritual Penetrations, and closed by reiterating the opportunity that every living being has to one day accomplish Buddhahood.  English translation by Dharma Master Heng Sure.


I Came from Empty Space  (0:42:00)

courtesy: (DRBA Chinese)


This DVD, "I Came from Empty Space," illustrates the life journey of Venerable Master Hsuan Hua with photos and brief introductions presented side by side.  English subtitles.

Background Information   256K   56K 

The Sharira of Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

Courtesy: (DRBA Vietnamese)

In Memory of the Veneralbe Master - a Collection of Video Clips

Courtesy: (DRBA Vietnamese)

White Universe

Courtesy: (DRBA Vietnamese)

Buddhist Christian Dialogue Conference - Meditation & Prayer 08-11-1987 at UC Berkeley

佛教/基督教對話-祈禱與打坐 一九八七年八月十一日於加州大學柏克萊分校


Part 1 之(一)0:23:11 [DivX] [wmv]

Part 2 之(二)0:33:44 [DivX] [wmv]

The Harmfulness of Smoking 04-05-1985, Eugene, OR

抽菸的害處 一九八五年四月五日於OregonEugene市


0:30:35  [DivX] [wmv]

DRBAdharma Channel on YouTube

佛法不可思議的感應力 The Inconceivable Responses of the Buddhadharma

佛法不可思議的感應力 The Inconceivable Responses of the Buddhadharma


萬佛臨門 Ten Thousand Buddhas Arrive

萬佛臨門 Ten Thousand Buddhas


是否真有鬼? What is the possibility that ghosts exist?

是否真有鬼? What is the possibility that ghosts exist?


>> All 51 videos on YouTube's DRBAdharma's Channel by DRBAChinesel 法總中文網站在YouTube的頻道


White Universe


White Universe

by Tripitaka Master Hsuan Hua

Ice in the sky, snow on the ground.

Numberless tiny bugs die in the cold or sleep in hibernation.

In the midst of stillness you should contemplate,

and within movement you should investigate.

Dragons spar and tigers wrestle in continual playful sport;

Ghosts cry and spirits wail, their illusory transformations strange.

Ultimate truth transcends words;

Not thought about or talked about, you ought to advance with haste.

With great and small destroyed, with no inside or out,

It pervades every mote of dust and encompasses the Dharma Realm,

Complete, whole, and perfectly fused, interpenetrating without obstruction.

With two clenched fists, shatter the covering of empty space.

In one mouthful swallow the source of seas of Buddhalands.

With great compassion rescue all,

Sparing no blood or sweat, and never pause to rest!

- I want to tell you about the "Six-Syllable Great Bright Mantra" [Om Mani Padme Hum] Recitation Session held at Gold Mountain Monastery in 1972...for seven days and seven nights...They were praying for world peace; they wanted to invisibly eradicate the calamities of the world...In 1974, it was predicted that there would be an earthquake in San Francisco....  After the seven-day session was over, their sincerity in reciting the mantra inspired me to compose the poem "White Universe" as a commemoration.... >> text











- 在一九七二年金山禪寺曾舉行誦〈六字大明咒〉第一次大法會,一連七晝夜的法會...為要祈禱世界和平,把世界的災難無形中減少或免除。因在那個時期常有人謠傳說三藩市要大地震...所以在這七天法會完畢之後,我寫這首宇宙白作為紀念.... >>全文



Essays by the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua: 

Preface, Today, Yesterday & Tomorrow

excerpted from

Water-Mirror Reflections of Nature




Preface November 17, 1952

Contemplate the universe of a billion worlds:  you will see that bad karma has welled up and filled it all.  Nations ravage nations, creating world wars; families slay families, creating civil strife; men murder men, starting interpersonal wars; we kill ourselves, making war between the mind and the nature, and so forth, until space destroys space, and water destroys water, making wars between the realms of matter and the intangible.  There are so many wars!  How sorrowful, how painful!


Each of these limitless crises comes from the evil karma of killing.  If we do not wake up soon and put a stop to the causes, conditions, methods, and karma of killing, then great disasters will surely be hard to avoid; we will never know peace and happiness. 


It will not be hard to recognize our basic identity; our inherent wisdom will spontaneously appear.  The wind and light of this primary land* has a unique and wonderfully delightful flavor that does not grow stale.  If we wish to try its taste we must simply purify our minds. 


With great heroism let us direct our thoughts towards the good; resolve to cultivate and realize the results of the Way; take others across and reach the other shore together; join the assembly of superior and good people who take delight in their meeting, and always be companions of Bodhisattvas who never retreat.


Like the moon reflected in water, like flowers in a mirror, such things are merely shadows cast without forms.  It may just be a case of hoping against hope, of striving for the impossible, thus the book's title Water-Mirror Reflections of Nature >> Commentary on the Preface...

*The wind and light of the original ground means simply that having returned home, we once again see the long forgotten vista from the original dwelling, the place where we belong and from which we have estranged ourselves so very long. The other shore is the standard explanation of the word "paramita", which may also be translated "perfection". It is the other side, Nirvana, which is opposed to this, our restless turning in birth and death. It is everything that this shore is not and yet, its bliss exists only in opposition to the suffering on this shore.




What is the present time?  It is a time of the imminent extinction of living beings.  As we look around the Dharma Realm we see that countries battle each other, families contend with each other, individuals struggle against on another, on and on until great wars between world systems arise.  An ancient author said,

War results from quarrels over land, the corpses fill the fields.  War arises from conflicts over cities, and corpses fill the streets.  The earth is made to eat the flesh of people.  Such offenses are not redeemed by death.

I sincerely hope that the leaders of all nations will embody Nature's preference for life, establish good government and bestow humane justice; banish contention and do away with greed; ignore themselves and help others; benefit themselves by benefiting others; see the universe as one family, and regard all people as one person. 


Emulate the thinking of the ancient worthy who said,

If anyone is killed, it is as if I killed him myself.  If anyone has been cheated, it is as if I cheated him myself.

At all times, reflect inwardly and examine your conscience. 

If you offend before heaven, you have no place to pray.

>>Commentary on Today...




If at the age of 50, one can know the errors of the previous 49 years, one resembles the Ideal Human who reforms his errors and improves himself.  an author in ancient times said,

Aware of my failure to set right past faults,

I know I can rectify what is to come; 

Astray, yet not too far from the path,

I have awaken to today's rights and yesterday's wrongs.

In Buddhism it is said,

For all bad karma I have done

With body, mouth and mind,

Based on beginningless greed, hared and ignorance,

I now repent and reform.

Buddhism also teaches that

Offenses arise from thoughts;

So through thoughts we reform.

When thoughts are forgotten,

Offenses are no more.

With thoughts forgotten and offenses wiped away,

We realize that both are empty--

This is called true repentance and reform.

I hope that all living beings of the dharma realm will read these words carefully, sample their flavor, and put them into actual practice.  I hope that they will feel deep shame and a wish to change and to renew themselves.  Confucius said,

To have faults and not change is indeed a fault.

For this reason, when you have faults, do not shrink from change.  There is no greater good than this. 

>>Commentary on Yesterday...




Since we have been born in this age, we must resolve to be new and great people.  Emperor Tang had a motto inscribed on his bathtub that said,

If you can renew yourself once,

Renew yourself day after day;

Become new again and again.

The Proclamation of Kang said,

Make a new people!

But one look at present-day weapons' technology shows that research in weaponry advances daily; lethal armaments are modernized each month.  although we call this progress, it is nothing more than progressive cruelty.  This branch of science takes human life as an experiment, as its toy.  The men who create new destructive weapons use power as their right, to satisfy their selfish desires.


Why shouldn't we think instead of washing clean the body and mind; of brushing away accumulated dirt; of developing a sense of shame, and painstakingly changing our former wrongs to create a new life; of becoming awesome people full of the vitality of life; of doing beneficial deeds for the sake of all living beings in the Dharma Realm, of developing virtue on behalf of our fellow citizens of the myriad nations; and of acting as a model for all on earth?


With humanness and integrity, represent Nature in proclaiming truth and transforming kindred beings; with filial respect and a sense of responsibility for the welfare of every nation, instruct all people of the world.

>>Commentary on Tomorrow...



Questions & Answers







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As the saying goes: "Virtue means true riches; the absence of morals is plain poverty."



Q & A from talk given on Oct. 27, 1990 in Grenoble, France - 1993

According to doctrines of Theravada Buddhism, the "body between sets of skandhas" (the "soul" or consciousness after it leaves the corpse) is immediately reborn. But Mahayana Sutras say that it may take from seven to forty- nine days before rebirth occurs.



Q & A at Taipei Institute of Industrial Technology

If we recite mantras on a daily basis, should we recite just one mantra or many different mantras? Which is more beneficial?



How to Get Rid of Fear and Karmic Obstacles

How can we use skillful means to overcome lust, fear, and doubt?


The Nature, Consciousness, Intent, and Mind
If you can remain unperturbed by external states, then you are cultivating.  If you are turned by external states, then you will fall.



It's Difficult to Encounter a Good Way-place

If you can't find a good Way-place, then even if you want to cultivate, you won't be able to.



Science and the Heaven of Light-Sound

Basically, science doesn't exist. It's just called science because that's what we call it.




The Vajra Strikes:  Part 1 ~ Part 5

A Collection of Q & A's with the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

>> 金剛棒喝-宣公上人答問錄



Seeking Nothing Is True Happiness with Q&A's after the talk

Only when your own nature is at peace will you know real happiness.


True Science Is Just Buddhism with Q&A's after the talk

Precepts, concentration, and wisdom are the fundamentals of science and philosophy.



Talks by Venerable Master Hsuan Hua
















What is the origin and the root? The origin refers to the fundamental energy everyone needs.



I have been listening to the speeches by the various speakers about how young people feel alienated from the world, to the point that they are obsessed with a death wish.



If you Truly Cultivate, There's No Need to Run Anywhere



Each of us should look within and ask ourselves: From the time I was born until now, what kinds of things have I done?.



We left-home people are burdened by wealth to the point that we fall into the hells, turn into hungry ghosts or become animals.


Ning-bo, located in southeast China, is known for its skillful sculptors.


Karma is what embellishes the mundane destinies at all times and in all places


King Asoka is also known as King Without Worry.


You will just keep waiting for that flavorful experience to reoccur.




We are living in unfortunate times, the world has temptations so strong that people are lost in money and dizzy over profit.




Why is it said that “people gather with their own kind?”




The cycle of karmic retribution results in ceaseless transmigration


Why is it said that “people gather with their own kind?”


All of you have come from ten thousand miles away to the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas.


Today marks the completion of the recitation of the Avatamsaka Sutra...


Study Buddhism for one year, and the Buddha is right before your eyes.


To all elderly Good and Wise Advisors, all Good and Wise Advisors in the prime of life,...


In cultivation, we should hold fast to our principles, and not forget them.


Buddhist disciples must possess the Dharma-selecting eye, so that they can clearly recognize true principles and differentiate right from wrong.


I have two vows. The first vow is to translate the Sutras.


We should pay special attention to the aspect of food.


The world must now unite, all nations must come together as a single family;



Good and Wise Advisors: Today we are holding a Celebration to Respect the Elderly in Sacramento.



"Before I speak Dharma, I have to beg something from each of you." Will the Venerable Master's introductory ...


In this world there are many unusual things that are beyond people's imagination.








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