Moral Virtue is True Riches

As the saying goes: "Virtue means true riches; the absence of morals is plain poverty."

Most people think that gold and silver, pearls and gems are real treasures, but they're not. Wealth outside of us can be robbed and taken at any time. As the ancients have said, "Wealth nurses the house; virtue nurses the individual." People who have no virtue are truly impoverished.

The Chinese character "poverty" ? evolved from the character ?. Due to insatiable greed one ends up being poor. Therefore, do not do any evil because it is a small act, and not do a good act because it is small. What is good? What is evil? Helping oneself is evil and helping others is good. It is selfless to do no evil; it is the absence of self-interest to do everything good. Furthermore, if one is not greedy, one will not be poor.

Why are people poor? It is because of their large appetites that they end up becoming poorer and poorer. Like the Communists' slogan, "poor people revolutionize!" But the more they revolt, the more they solidify the status quo. If we can base ourselves on Guanyin Bodhisattva's philosophy and goal of "truly recognize my faults and do not discuss the faults of others; others' faults are my own, that is called, great compassion." It is great compassion to love others as we would ourselves and sacrifice ourselves for others.

The kind of Dharma I say is very shallow. What is Dharma? It is eating, dressing, and sleeping. That is why when people come and ask me for dharma, I just teach them to eat less, wear less, and sleep less. This is because, "reducing clothing increases blessings, reducing food increases length of life, and reducing sleep increases prosperity." Is it not the Buddhadharma to have these three lucky stars hover over you and shine on you? I also have a cure for insomnia. Why do some people not sleep well? They worry all day about how to get rich or about their kids, spouse, or grandkids. How can they possibly sleep soundly? If they do not have so many false thoughts about striking it rich and can let go of the five desires of wealth, sex, fame, food and sleep, then they would naturally be clear-headed and enjoy pleasant dreams.

Q: Last night the Venerable Master said that when China deteriorates to such an extreme, it will turn around to become sound again. Exactly how long will all that take?
A: That is not set. Everything is made from the mind alone. It depends on what the Chinese do.

Q: As an overseas Chinese, I often feel powerless about helping my fellow Chinese. Is there a way to do that?
A: Just keep on doing good things and try your best. Do not think about helping only the Chinese or certain people. Do everything you can to help anyone who is experiencing difficulty. Do not get angry. If you can change yourself and be a good person, then you are helping China. Since you are one Chinese person, you will add to China's righteous energy by one person more.