Sangha Jewel僧寳

Ven. Hsu Yun虛雲老和尚 Ven. Hsuan Hua宣公上人

Contemplating with kindness, compassion, joy and giving, he rescues beings and transforms the triple-thousand worlds; those with and without affinities are equally gathered in so they leave suffering, attain bliss, and return to their origin.  --Ven. Master Hsuan Hua

When the Buddha's disciples have walked the Path, in a future age they will become Buddhas.  --The Dharma Flower Sutra, Chapter 2: Expedient Devices  

- 法總中文網站:新 增!再增訂佛祖道影

- 佛陀十大弟子傳

- Song of Enlightenment by Great Master Yung Chia



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Ven. Hsu Yun虛雲老和尚
Ven. Hsuan Hua宣公上人


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 The Lineage 


India 西天


Original Teacher:  Shakyamuni Buddha

1st Patriarch:  The Venerable Mahakashyapa

Shakyamuni Buddha, in the midst of the millions of humans and gods who were circumambulating him, picked up a flower and Mahakashyapa, the First Patriarch, had to smile.  No one knew what was happening when Shakyamuni Buddha said,

"I have the Right Dharma Eye Treasury, the wonderful mind of Nirvana, the real mark, which is unmarked.  This is the mind-to-mind transmission, transmitted outside the teaching.  I have already given it to Mahakashyapa in mind-to-mind transmission."

Ven. Master Hua's Commentary to The Sixth Patriarch Sutra, Chapter Ten:  Final Instructions

2nd Patriarch:  the Ven. Ananda
3rd Patriarch:  the Ven. Sanakavasa
4th Patriarch:  the Ven. Upagupta
5th Patriarch:  the Ven. Dhrtaka
6th Patriarch:  the Ven. Miccaka
7th Patriarch:  the Ven. Vasumitra
8th Patriarch:  the Ven. Buddhanandi
9th Patriarch:  the Ven. Buddhamitra
10th Patriarch:  the Ven. Parshva
11th Patriarch:  the Ven. Punyayashas
12th Patriarch:  Mahasattva Ashvaghosha
13th Patriarch:  the Ven. Kapinala
14th Patriarch:  Mahasattva Nagarjuna
15th Patriarch:  the Ven. Kanadeva
16th Patriarch:  the Ven. Rahulata
17th Patriarch:  the Ven. Sanghanandi
18th Patriarch:  the Ven. Gayashata
19th Patriarch:  the Ven. Kumarata
20th Patriarch:  the Ven. Jayata
21st Patriarch:  the Ven. Vasubandhu
22nd Patriarch:  the Ven. Manorhita
23rd Patriarch:  the Ven. Haklena
24th Patriarch:  the Ven. Aryasimha
25th Patriarch:  the Ven. Basiasita
26th Patriarch:  the Ven. Punyamitra
27th Patriarch:  the Ven. Prajnatara

China 東土

28th Patriarch & 1st Patriarch in China:  the Venerable Bodhidharma

- The First Patriarch Bodhidharma brought the Dharma to China... 









- A lively account of the stories and teachings of the first six Patriarchs by Ven. Master Hua:

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- Song of Enlightenment: by Great Master Yung Chia after being certified by the Sixth Patriarch:






29th Patriarch & 2nd Patriarch in China:  Great Master Hui K'o

30th Patriarch & 3rd Patriarch in China:  Great Master Seng Ts'an
31st Patriarch & 4th Patriarch in China:  Great Master Tao Hsin
32nd Patriarch & 5th Patriarch in China:  Great Master Hung Jen
33rd Patriarch & 6th Patriarch in China:  Great Master Hui Neng
"For 37 years he spoke Dharma to benefit sentient beings.  Forty-three people inherited his Dharma, and an uncountable number awoke to the Way...."  --The Sixth Patriarch Sutra
34th Patriarch:  Dhyana Master Huai Rang of Mount Nan
(Please note:  this list focuses only on the lineage of Wei Yang Sect.)

>> 再增訂佛祖道影

35th Patriarch:  Dhyana Master Ma Zhu Dao Yi
36th Patriarch:  Dhyana Master Bai Zhang Huai Hai

Wei Yang Sect

[May also be pronounced: "Gwei Yang"]

1st Generation of Wei Yang Sect:
Dhyana Master Ling Yo of Mount Wei

2nd Gen. of Wei Yang Sect:  Dhyana Master Hui Ji of Mount Yang

3rd Gen. of Wei Yang Sect:  Dhyana Master Xi Ta Guang Mu
4th Gen. of Wei Yang Sect:  Dhyana Master Zi Fu Ru Bao
5th Gen. of Wei Yang Sect: Dhyana Master Bao Ci De Shao
6th Gen. of Wei Yang Sect:  Dhyana Master San Jiao Zhi Qian

7th Gen. of Wei Yang Sect:  Dhyana Master Xing Yang Ci Duo

8th Gen. of Wei Yang Sect:  Dhyana Master De Qing Hsu Yun

9th Gen. of Wei Yang Sect: Dhyana Master Husan Hua Du Lun

In 1956, Dhyana Master Du Lun, at the age of 39, received the Dharma-transmission of Venerable Master Hsu Yun and the Dharma name "Hsuan Hua", becoming the Ninth Patriarch of the Wei Yang Sect, the 45th Generation since First Patriarch Mahakashyapa.

Verse in Expression of Faith from Dhyana Master Hus Yun:

Proclaiming [Hsuan] Wei's wonderful meaning causes the sect's teaching to be echoed far and wide;

The transformations [Hua] inherited from Ling Peak exalt the Dharma Path.

Taking Across [Du] the forty-sixth, the mind seal is transmitted;

The Wheel [Lun] revolves unceasingly,

Rescuing the suffering hordes.

"Year of the Buddha" 2983, the year Bingshen
Written by De Qing Hsu Yun, the Eighth Generation of the Wei Yang,
at the Dharma Lecture Hall of Zhenru [True Suchness] Chan Monastery





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