Avoid Defying Natural Creation
by Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

How should we cultivate? We must first let go of our desires and put and end to love. That is, people should avoid having too close or too distant of a relationship. Being too distant and you're not liked; being too close and you're being emotional, which means that you cannot cultivate.

People should therefore maintain a [safe] distance. Regardless of whether you are male or female, you must remember not to practice homosexual behavior. Neither monastics nor laity can engage in these acts. If so, you will definitely enter the hells in the future. Regardless of how much education or status you may have, engaging in homosexual behavior is intolerable to the world. Why? It is because you have flouted the natural order of creation, the laws of yin and yang, the norm. Regardless of who it is, you must change quickly. If you do not change, you will fall into the hells.

Homosexual behavior, especially, is behavior that will put an end to nations and humanity. What does it mean by putting an end to nations? Someone who practices homosexuality will not care about their country, so that country will disintegrate. Homosexuals do not procreate, so the human race will vanish! This kind of behavior is forbidden by national law, universal law, and natural law. Those who do will fall into the hells no matter who they are. Every one of us must know this.

People cannot be oblivious to the basic responsibilities of human beings, otherwise we cannot even compare to animals. Notice how animals do not engage in homosexual behavior. Some may argue that same-sex lab rats practice homosexuality, but that is because you force these rats. Has anyone confined you so that you are only with those of your sex and make you practice homosexuality? This kind of behavior defies creation; it is wrong. Cultivators must be normal and not psychologically deranged. We must have proper knowledge and proper views to practice the proper Dharma. Without proper knowledge and proper views, we cannot practice the proper Dharma. Speaking of which, by being off by a hair's width at the beginning, we miss the mark by thousands of miles. Every Buddhist absolutely cannot make this mistake.

Q: Venerable Master, I, disciple, have a question regarding homosexuality. Homosexuals in contemporary American society can marry; a man can marry another man and a woman can marry another woman. They do not give birth to children so they adopt. They raise kids despite acting contrarily to universal principles. Venerable Master, what kind of impact will this have on the future of the society-at-large?

Venerable Master: This country will perish; the human race will end altogether. This is the stirring of monsters and demons, ghosts and goblins. They make people abnormal so that everyone dies in the end. When every country around the world condones homosexuality, the world is finished, destroyed.

If we do not have proper knowledge and proper views, not only are we inhuman, but we are no better than animals! Remember, we must bear in mind what is right and what is wrong. You must know what is the right way to be human and what is the wrong way; that way you can be a decent human being.

Homosexuality contradicts procreation and is a form of sexual misconduct. Sexual misconduct is forbidden according to Buddhism. The Five Precepts prohibiting killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying and taking intoxicants must be followed. If homosexuality becomes legal, then the human race will vanish. Why will it vanish? Heaven will punish us. Homosexuals exist due in part to the influence of a certain religion. This religion used to be underground and did not dare to promote homosexuality openly, but now that we're in an age where Dharma is on the decline, all kinds of strange phenomenon are happening. Consequently, these people protest, join parades, and lobby for legalizing homosexuality. This is essentially an omen for doomsday. We should know this because if everyone recognizes this as a fault, people may live a little longer. Otherwise, everyone will face cataclysm, a catastrophe of inordinate proportion that brings death to all. Since all the perversities and wickedness in our world now are too awful for words, people who still feel that this time and age is not bad might be crazy people, more or less.